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Eloquence Advanced Communication System (ACS)

Eloquence ACS is made up of a medical-grade patient tablet device and application, a care provider mobile application, a nurse station dashboard, and data reports:


Available at the bedside, the tablet allows patients to clearly communicate their needs to their care providers via a set of icons and menus, and receives updates as those requests are triaged and ultimately addressed.


Patient needs are automatically routed to the most appropriate provider, as configured during hospital and unit-level installation, and communicated via the mobile app.


The status of all requests and the availability of all providers is available on the nurse station dashboard, allowing a macro-view of the unit.


The data collected allows for near real-time reports on everything from call initiation to need fulfillment, by call type, provider, unit, or hospital.

Empowering a better patient experience.

Eloquence empowers patients in new and important ways by giving them a simple-to-use bedside tablet to communicate their specific needs.  Patients are then kept informed as their request is sent, acknowledged and fulfilled.  Our research has consistently shown that keeping the patients in the loop makes them feel cared for….and more satisfied.


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Multilingual Capabilities


Imagine the challenge of being a patient that does not speak English well and trying to communicate your needs in a typical hospital environment.  This often involves charades and frustration.  Eloquence empowers patients to communicate in their primary language and translates these requests for their care providers.


In short, patients love Eloquence ACS because it enables real-time two-way communication between patients and providers in the patient’s native language.  It tracks a patient’s request all the way through fulfillment, giving them updates they understand.

Empowering a better care coordination.

Nurses love Eloquence ACS because it empowers them to provide the very best care that they can. Nurses go into nursing to provide great care, but too much of their energy today is distracted by alarms, pagers, and working with aides and other nurses to coordinate care.


The ability to automatically triage patient requests to the right provider based on skillset and availability simplifies the care coordination challenges. Eloquence ensures that the right care is delivered by the right person at the right time.  And, it provides clear accountability to ensure that a care opportunity is never missed.

Empowering better data for quality improvement and more effective care delivery

Eloquence provides the key to delivering better care – better data about the care we are already giving.


Unlike other nurse communication systems, Eloquence tracks the entire patient need from initial request to acknowledgement to fulfillment. We track every call escalation and every transfer. Simple and easy-to-interpret reports of these data allow nurse managers and administrators to identify opportunities for improvement at the individual, unit, hospital and system level.


Does one provider take longer to fulfill certain requests than others? Is that a training opportunity?


Does one unit deliver faster response times than others? Is that a best practice that can be shared across the hospital/system?

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