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January 19, 2017: IT Healthcare Company, Eloquence Communications, Conquers the Language Barrier Between Medical Facilities and Patients

ANN ARBOR, MI – January 19, 2017 – As the U.S. grows more culturally diverse, some healthcare experts worry that patients are suffering adverse effects due to the lack of professional interpreter and translator service availability. Instead, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients frequently rely on nonprofessionals, including family members, who lack the understanding of medical terminology. This increases the risk of medication errors, incorrect procedures, avoidable readmissions, untreated pain and discomfort, and other adverse events. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, nearly 9% of the U.S. population is at risk for an adverse event because of language barriers. Read the full press release as a PDF>>

December 6, 2016: Healthcare ICT Companies Ascom and Eloquence Communications Partner to Deliver Solutions that Overcome Language Barriers between Caregivers and their Patients

ANN ARBOR, MI – December 6, 2016 – Eloquence Communications, Inc. has partnered with Ascom, a global leader in healthcare ICT and mobile clinical workflow solutions, to deliver an unparalleled translation solution that bridges communication gaps and overcomes language barriers between caregivers and their patients Read the full press release as a PDF>>

October 18, 2016: IT Company Designs Communication Tool that Uniquely Bridges the Gap Between Spanish-Speaking Patients and Healthcare Providers

ANN ARBOR, MI – October 18, 2016 – 9% of patients in the US healthcare system have limited English proficiency (LEP).  66% of this population are Spanish-speaking and within a 20-year time frame (1990-2010), there has been a 50% growth in this LEP population.  Research shows that when language barriers between LEP patients and healthcare providers (HCPs) continue throughout patients’ hospital stay, it affects their participation in their care and negatively impacts Read the full press release as a PDF>>

July 6, 2016: Michigan IT Company Designs Tools that Bring Communication Between Patient and Caregivers into the 21st Century

ANN ARBOR, MI – July 6, 2016 – Research shows that hospitals in the US waste about 12.3 billion dollars annually due to inefficiencies in communication between caregivers and their patients. Of the money wasted, roughly 5 billion dollars is due to latency in nurse communications.1 Furthermore, with well over 80% of hospitals caring for patients with LEP, the healthcare information technology industry can no longer ignore the needs of patients with limited English proficiency.2  Read the full press release as a PDF>>

April 20, 2016: The Accessibility of Translation Tools in Healthcare

ANN ARBOR, MI – April 20, 2016 — Imagine you’re in the middle of a home improvement project… Your hands are full marking the perfect spot on the wall for your nail. Just when you need it, you realize your hammer isn’t in your tool belt…UNACCESSIBLE. It might be AVAILABLE in your toolbox. You think that’s where you left it. Even if it is AVAILABLE, it isn’t ACCESSIBLE where you need it right now. Suddenly, you appreciate the difference in immediate ACCESSIBILITY vs. AVAILABILITY… Read the full press release as a PDF>>

March 22, 2016: Michigan IT Company Earns Patent for Software that Tackes Language Barriers in Healthcare

ANN ARBOR, MI – March 22, 2016 – The Eloquence Communications team is thrilled to announce that the US Patent & Trademark Office recently issued a Notice of Allowance in Application entitled “Method and System for Advanced Patient Communication”. The application is a continuation-in-part of U.S. Patent No. 8,183,987, also assigned to Eloquence Communications and has thirty-three allowed claims drawn to computer-implemented methods, computer-readable mediums, and patient communications processors that… Read the full press release as a PDF>>

January 26, 2016: Michigan IT Company Develops an Answer to the Dangerous Game of Healthcare Charades

ANN ARBOR, MI – January 26, 2016 –Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers often find themselves playing a dangerous game of charades to determine the patient’s healthcare needs. Over 80% of the nation’s healthcare facilities caring for LEP (limited English) patients are challenged with higher occurrences of hospital readmissions, longer in-patient stays, and an increased risk for medication errors and patient non-compliance. Eloquence’s Language Access Solution (LAS) attacks this perilous situation by providing patients immediate access to a touchscreen tablet device displaying 30 of the most common requests in their native language. From this tablet, a patient’s request is routed to the appropriate caregiver on their mobile device, the nurse or aide acknowledges the request, and a confirmation is sent back to the patient – in their preferred language. Read the full press release as a PDF>>


January 20, 2016: Michigan IT Company Tackles Dangerous Language Barriers in Healthcare

ANN ARBOR, MI – January 20, 2016 – In the US today, 20% of the population has limited English Proficiency (LEP), which accounts for over 65 million people. For healthcare facilities, patients with LEP have a higher rate of hospital readmission and longer in-patient stays. Trained interpreters help overcome the existing communication barriers; however, the availability of resources, the ease of access, and the usage of an interpreter is suboptimal. Eloquence Communications, Inc. has created the Language Access Solution (LAS), a comprehensive solution that resolves this dilemma by removing barriers to translation/interpretation for patients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities on a cost effective, 24-7-365 basis. Read the full press release as a PDF>>


January 12, 2016: Michigan IT Company Provides A Strong Solution to Language Barriers in Healthcare

ANN ARBOR, MI – January 12, 2016 – With over 80% of hospitals caring for patients who are unable to effectively communicate their needs with nurses and doctors, health care facilities find themselves dealing with a growing healthcare crisis. Patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) who need interpreters to communicate clearly with their providers experience harm twice as often as their English-speaking counterparts. In addition, these patients have a greater occurrence of readmission rates due to inadequate access to, and utilization of, interpreter services. The disparity is not with the quality or skill of the interpreter; but rather the implementation, availability of resources, and ease of access for both patients and care providers.  Eloquence Communications, Inc. has created the Language Access Solution (LAS), a comprehensive solution that resolves this dilemma by removing barriers to translation/interpretation for patients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities on a cost effective, 24-7-365 basis. Read the full press release as a PDF>>


June 1, 2015: Eloquence Communications Provides First-Time Access to Nurse Communication Systems for Non-English Speaking Patients

The Eloquence solution offers real-time translations for patients to communicate with their care team throughout their entire hospital visit.

Eloquence Communications announces the availability of an advanced patient call solution that provides a way for patients to communicate to their care team precisely what they need and in their native language.

Historically, patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) are challenged to effectively use bedside nurse call systems because they need the aid of an interpreter. Language barriers between the patient and care team can create potentially risky situations that could result in poor quality care and safety issues. The revolutionary nurse communication system, Eloquence ACS™, provides non-English speaking patients access to in-room call support and improves communication and staff responsiveness. Read the full press release as PDF >>

May 15, 2015: Eloquence Communications Launches a Game-Changing Patient Communication System

With Eloquence ACS™, nursing staff receives the right message at the right time so every member of the team operates at the top-of-their-license and patients receive better care.

Eloquence Communications announces the availability of a patient communication solution, the Eloquence ACS™ that introduces a novel way for patients to communicate with the nursing staff precisely what they need and creates a more efficient work flow for nursing staff.

The Eloquence infrastructure is based on 4 years of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research and patents that cover the core technology. With the integrated role of nurses in hospitals today, the staggering rates of errors, and rates of avoidable adverse events, today’s healthcare system cannot continue requiring nursing personnel to manually triage nurse call systems. Eloquence ACS™ has been proven to provide an infrastructure to decrease patient falls due to slow response from staff, and to improve operational efficiency and therefore, improve outcomes and decrease overall hospital costs.  Read the full press release as PDF >>

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