Eloquence Communications is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative and simple communication solutions. Our two products, Eloquence Advanced Communication System (ACS) and Eloquence Language Access Solution (LAS) enable fast, accurate communication between the patient and the provider best qualified to give the care that’s needed.


From responding quickly to a patient who shouldn’t be getting out of bed without assistance, to helping staff operate at the top of their licenses, Eloquence offers a simple, smart solution. It lets departments adjust staff to rapidly changing real-world conditions, that automates triage according to provider skills and availability, and lets nurses better prioritize in real time.


  • Improves HCAHPS Scores

  • Increases Revenue

  • Cost Effective

  • No Capital Expenditure

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Customizable

  • Intuitive and User Friendly

Eloquence overcomes language barriers between patients and staff. Multiple language capability and translations for commonly used patient requests means significantly improving outcomes for your patients with limited English proficiency.

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This, and much more, make Eloquence the ideal tool to measurably improve performance, reduce errors, and enhance patient satisfaction — all in a system that fits seamlessly into your existing work flow.



Eloquence was developed with government support under Federal Grant Number MD006149 awarded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute On Minority Health And Health Disparities.