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  Eloquence Communications is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative...


Eloquence Communications is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative and simple communication solutions. Eloquence is committed to helping healthcare facilities achieve optimal staffing allocation and workflow efficiency while driving improvements in patient communication, safety, outcomes, and satisfaction. Eloquence implements evidence-based healthcare IT solutions that deliver greater specificity, precision, transparency, and language access.


Eloquence Communications was founded by two physicians, Lance Patak and Bryan Traughber, who have lived the problems that our products are designed to solve. Before becoming a doctor, Dr. Patak spent years working in nursing care as both an aide and RN and understands the unique challenges nursing staff and patients face every day to communicate effectively and efficiently. Dr. Traughber has spent years involved in the research and development of new medical technologies and understands the key challenge of developing technologies that are not only technically powerful, but also simple to implement and to use.



Lance Patak, Co-Founder & Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, had an extensive background in nursing prior to entering medical school at UCLA and is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with relevant experience in a wide range of life science and technology companies. Lance earned an MBA from the Marshall USC School of Business and an MD from the UCLA School of Medicine.


Tim Siggins, Project Manager earned his degree from Tennessee Tech in 2008, and has since been focused on mobile and network software development. In his previous positions, he has led the development of multiple successful projects ranging from responsive web apps to large back-end databases. After joining the Eloquence team in 2013, he was responsible for bringing Eloquence from a proof of concept to a finished product, as well as successfully porting VidaTalk from iPad to Android. He owns a broad understanding of medical IT requirements, HIPAA regulations, and FDA guidelines for software.

Board of Directors

Dr. Lance Patak, M.D., M.B.A., Co-Founder and Chairman, brings a unique perspective to end user applications and insight on driving efficiencies with innovation across the continuum of care providers having served as a nurse assistant, registered nurse, and physician. Dr. Patak has clear insight on each care provider’s ability to contribute to the patient care process and has invaluable, in-depth and very descript knowledge of where gaps in communication make the greatest impact on the delivery of healthcare.


Dr. Bryan Traughber, M.D., Co-Founder and Board Member, has extensive experience as both a clinical and translational researcher with numerous publications in peer reviewed scientific journals in the areas of image guided therapy and information technology. Dr. Traughber is the primary inventor on several patents and also serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence within the Case Western Reserve University community evaluating promising new technologies. He has over ten plus years of research experience at top tier research institutions including the National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, University of Michigan Medical Center, and UCLA Medical Center.


William Wilson, Board Member, is an extremely skilled CEO/CFO with over 20 years of successful experience in business management. He has managed every aspect of a company with annual revenues exceeding $75 Million. Obtaining financing from various sources he assisted numerous companies to meet their cash flow needs. He started a company in which his investors realized a 4X return on their investment within 4 years. He is an authority in financing, budgeting, revenue projections, fundraising, cash flow management, A/R, A/P, strategic planning, inventory management, purchasing, pricing, merger and acquisitions, process engineering and automation.