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Q: Can Eloquence run alongside MyChart for patient access communications? A: Yes. Eloquence can run alongside MyChart and many other...

Q: Can Eloquence run alongside MyChart for patient access communications?
A: Yes. Eloquence can run alongside MyChart and many other applications.


Q: Can I use Eloquence on my iOS, Windows or other platform?
A: No. Eloquence currently operates on Android platform only although others are under development.


Q: Can you describe the installation processrequired to use the Eloquence system?
A: Yes. Unlike hardwired systems, Eloquence offers a simple plug and play model with no patient or workflow disruption.


Q: Can Eloquence run in parallel with my nurse call system?
A: Yes. Eloquence can work in parallel with your existing nurse call system. Nurse call systems traditionally do not deliver the level of transparency of patient need states, workflow efficiency and comprehensive reporting that Eloquence does.


Q: Is Eloquence expensive?
A: No. Eloquence offers incredible cost effective value targeting patient and organizational outcomes that can generate a significant ROI and without exorbitant upfront costs. With available purchase terms or monthly lease or subscription rates, Eloquence becomes even more affordable.


Q: Can I use Eloquence on my personal smart phone?
A: Yes. Standardization of practice, reliability and confidentiality all play a role in the general consensus that phones that are dedicated for hospital use would be preferred. If your organization chose to allow the use of personal cell phones with protocol, policy and procedure.


Q: Do I need to purchase hardware from Eloquence Communications?
A: No. Eloquence offers solutions on commercially available hardware (Android) whether provided by Eloquence or purchased by your facility. Eloquence may also run on existing compatible hardware.


Q: Does Eloquence offer trials?
A: Yes. Eloquence is pleased to offer demonstration units for consideration and can provide guidance on pre and post-implementation data collection. Measuring the impact of healthcare technology on outcomes is not only a great way to determine the return on your investment, but it provides opportunities for presentations on systems impact, whether unit based or at a professional meeting.


Q: Must Eloquence be utilized for entire facility?
A: No. It is possible to utilize Eloquence for a specific unit, floor or other specialized allocation.


Q: Is Eloquence LAS available in any language?
A: Yes. Eloquence is extremely adaptive and can deliver any number of language translations that your organization requests. If it is not in our current inventory, it only takes a short time to add the language translations you request.


Q: Is there a limit to how many languages I can run on a tablet?
A: No. Most facilities utilize 10-12 languages per tablet, which is only a fraction of potential. It would not be practical nor useful to utilize more languages than device capability.


Q: Would there be an additional charge to add languages?
A: No. Simply contact Eloquence Communications


Q: Can Eloquence be translated in any language for patient and care provider?
A: Yes. Eloquence may be translated for both the patient as well as the provider in any language desired.


Q: Is Eloquence easy to use for senior or non-computer proficient patients?
A: Yes. Patients recruited during our 5 years of research and development ranged from 18-85 years of age; and, not one participant reported the inability to use the Eloquence system. To the contrary, end users across the spectrum of the care delivery process repeatedly praised Eloquence for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Q: Can the software be customized?
A: Yes. Content, staffing allocation of needs states, timed alerts, routing and translations can all be customized. We developed this solution to be flexible and adaptable.


Q: How many languages?
A: As many as you need. This is one of the elements that we customize.


Q: Updates? How are your apps updated? Automatically or through contractual language?
A: Updates are pushed through our server and can be coordinated with your IT department and nursing services and follow whichever process/pathway your facility has established.


Q: Safety / Security / HIPPA?
A: Much like current nurse call systems, patients and providers are assigned to the same bed space and room numbers. Eloquence also is patient agnostic. No patient identifiers are affiliated with the device or system.


Q: You state it can be routed to a mobile phone device. Can it be routed to Vocera Badge? Is it compatible with Vocera?
A: Eloquence is enrolled in the Vocera Partnership Program and is integrated with Vocera badges. Depending on the Vocera badge, they may limit capabilities and features of the Eloquence system compared to using a Smart android device like the Spectralink phone or Ascom’s Myco phone.


Q: You state that “at the push of a button” you can have access to interpreters via video or audio. Who and where are the interpreters located? Can it be linked to an already contracted service we use?
A: We have several options for you and certainly can integrate with the current language access service that your facility provides. We would merely need an introduction. Our system can provide one-touch access to video, telephonic and in-house interpreters. In house interpreters would carry a phone just like nursing providers. Communication in this manner would be telephonic over the tablet device unless the interpreter is available to come in person in a timely manner. Alternatively, the video conferencing or telephonic conferencing would also take place on the bedside tablet.


Q: What is the cost for this video/audio service?
A: You would establish a direct relationship with these 3rd party services. Costs average $1.99/minute.


Q: Do you offer technical support, training and updates?
A: Yes. Simply contact Eloquence Communications anytime at 855.422.356



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